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Mace Keyguard Best Non Lethal Weapons

Brand: Mace
Product Code: 80366
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Mace Keyguard Best Non Lethal Weapons

With the Mace Keyguard Best Non Lethal Weapons, you have immediate access to your

defense weapon when necessary. You won't have time to dig through

your pockets during an attack... SO You'll BE PREPARED.


Considering the fact that most people don't think to carry pepper spray

around with them, you'll be one step ahead of any fool who tries to cross

you. This pepper spray features:

  • a compact 3 inch design
  • the key ring included
  • available in either pink  or black
  • & each unit contains 3gms and each burst can reach up to a 5 feet distance


*** We are unable to sell pepper spray to people who live in New York or Massachusetts. If

you live in one of those states you must purchase from a licensed arms dealer in your state.***

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