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Keychain Alarm with Light

Brand: Safety Technology
Product Code: PAL-130L
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Price: $10.00

Keychain Alarm with Light

The last thing attackers want to do is attract attention

to themselves. They want to do their damage and get

away with it. Here is where this keychain alarm with light comes in...


Hold this in your hand whenever you're walking down a street.

In the event that you are ever attacked, you now have 2

deterrents that will scare off your attacker: a light and a loud alarm.


Not only will the alarm scare criminals away, but it's useful for getting

 the attention of people that can help you. These alarms make great gifts

for elderly parents. In an emergency situation, such as a fall, they could

use the alarms to signal for help.


The flashlight can be used without sounding the 130 DB alarm and it

works with 2 AA batteries (included).

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