Diversion Safes

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7 Up Soda Can Safe
A robber will definitely look in your nightstand, underyour bed, and in your closet, but the..
Barbasol Safe Hidden Stash Boxes
So you're having a house party and someone decides to sneakoff into your bedroom and find th..
Books Are The Best Diversion Safes
You never hear of  robbers breaking into homes and stealingbooks!!! Hide your valuables in..
Coffee Mate Creamer Cool Stash Boxes
Unless a thief develops a strong craving for a cup of coffee while invadingyour home,..
Hair Brush Mini Safe
Is it a hairbursh or is it a safe? It's both!!!This mini safe is big enough to hide money,je..
Lint Roller Home Safes
These Lint Roller Home Safes are great to travelwith. If someone was to go through your luggage..
Stone Diversion Safe
The great thing about this stone diversion safe is thatyou can use it both indoor & outdoor..
Wall Socket Secret Safes
Unlike our other diversion safes, these secret safes are made tofit into the walls of your home..
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