How To Use Pepper Spray

How To Use Pepper Spray The Right Way


One of the most effective tools you can use to protect yourself from an attacker is a defense spray.  Learning how to use pepper spray is pretty simple, as well as lifesaving. Pepper spray, also known as Oleoresin Capsicum, is an inflammatory agent derived from hot pepper plants & the effects of it take about 20 to 30 minutes to wear off.

You can buy this non-lethal weapon for a little more than the cost of your daily latte. Pepper sprays are legal in all 50 states, easy to use, and they can spray up to 10 feet away. Spraying your attacker will instantly blind them, cause them to double over with an uncontrollable coughing spell, & most likely drop them to their knees.

Being sprayed causes victims to experience an agonizing burning sensation in their eyes. It buys you time to immediately run away & get help. Now that you know why it is beneficial to carry a defense spray, here are some instructions on how to use it.

Know Your Weapon

Since you’re purchasing a spray, take the time to become very familiar with your product. You should know the spray pattern of your particular device. They can either spray a stream, come as a fogger spray, a foam, or gel. Each spray type has its benefits & you’ll need to know what they are to shoot the spray correctly. Be familiar with how it feels to hold to canister. We recommend gripping the body of your device with your forefingers & pulling the release with your thumbs. That will give you a strong grip & prevent anyone from grapping the spray from your hands.

You also need to know how many shots of spray you have in your canister. The sprays come in different sizes, so the amount of shots depends on the number of ounces in your container. Practice shooting your pepper spray with your arm extended towards your attackers eyes (don’t actually shoot your spray). You want to know your weapon enough so that you aren’t fumbling when you actually have to use it.

Be Prepared & aware

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking to your car from your home, walking to work, or from your car to your local grocery store, ALWAYS have your spray within reach. We recommend holding it in your hands because if you were ever in the position to have to defend yourself, that is not the time to be searching through your purse. Predators are looking for unsuspecting victims, so be aware of your surroundings.

Get Away After You Spray

When you aim your spray, aim with confidence. Use your free arm to block any jabs or grabs that come your way. When you’re spraying aim for the eyes. You want to spray from ear to ear across your attacker’s face & quickly get away once you’ve shot them. The attacker will be instantly blinded & will try to lunge towards the last direction they saw you…so make sure you get away right after you spray.


Now that you’re familiar with how to use pepper spray, don’t forget to practice shooting it at an imaginary target to get comfortable with actually using it. Carry your spray everywhere with you. These devices have saved many lives, but they can only help you if you use it.  You can never be too overprotected, so stay safe.