Safety Technology

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7 Up Soda Can Safe
A robber will definitely look in your nightstand, under your bed, and in your closet, but the..
Barbasol Safe Hidden Stash Boxes
So you're having a house party and someone decides to sneak off into your bedroom and find th..
Books Are The Best Diversion Safes
You never hear of  robbers breaking into homes and stealing books!!! Hide your valuables in..
Coffee Mate Creamer Cool Stash Boxes
Unless a thief develops a strong craving for a cup of coffee while invading your home,..
Cool Keychains: Electronic Pocket Whistle
If you've never learned how to whistle and are looking for a cool keychain whistle that'll he..
Door Stop Alarm For Crime Prevention
We've all seen movie scenes where someone wakes up to an intruder standing over them in the midd..
Hair Brush Mini Safe
Is it a hairbursh or is it a safe? It's both!!! This mini safe is big enough to hide money, je..
Keychain Alarm with Light
The last thing attackers want to do is attract attention to themselves. They want to do their da..
Lint Roller Home Safes
These Lint Roller Home Safes are great to travel with. If someone was to go through your luggage..
Magnetic Safety Door Alarms
Now that  your baby can crawl and walk, he'll start trying to open kitchen cabinets, doors,..
Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor
If you're looking for a quality motion alarm to travel with then this PIR sensor alarm ..
Personal Alarm with Flashlight Self Defense Items
   Someone could assume that because you're walking down the street chatting on you..
Personal Alarm With Light
These days you can't just trust that the person you've agreed to go out on a date with isn't dan..
Portable Personal/ Door Alarms
You'll be glad you own this if you're ever in a situation where you need help. These personal al..
Stone Diversion Safe
The great thing about this stone diversion safe is that you can use it both indoor & outdoor..