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Pepper Shot® Tri-Pack Pepper Spray Mace online

Brand: Pepper Shot
Product Code: PS-6
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Availability: In Stock
Price: $19.95

Pepper Shot® Tri-Pack Pepper Spray Mace online

Since you'll never know exactly where and when you'll need to

use your pepper spray, here is a solution to that problem. Purchasing

this Tri-Pack mace online allows you to keep one in the car,

another on your keychain, and place the third on your nightstand. You can

keep them anywhere you choose, but having the extra units helps to ease

any safety related anxiety you may be experiencing.


The Tri-Pack features a damaging 10% solution that will temporarily disable anyone

who dares to mess with you. Each package comes with one 2 ounce and two 1/2 ounce

sprays.  You also get a a visor clip, a quick release key chain, and a wall mount to make placing

your pepper sprays conveniently easy.

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