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Mace PepperGard Police Pepper Spray

Brand: Mace
Product Code: 80170
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Price: $22.95

Mace PepperGard Police Pepper Spray

This Mace Peppergard police pepper spray isn't only used as a riot control agent. Its the

best choice when it comes to non lethal weapons. Now you can buy

the same grade defensive spray as law enforcement officers without

paying as high a price for it.


It's the same size that cops have and can spray a distance of 8-12 feet. 

The 17 grams this dispenser contains gives you more bang for

your buck, and it can deliver 10 one second bursts of solution. This is

your surefire way to escape from harm injury free while leaving your

assailant in agonizing pain.

With this:

  • you can easily carry it on your keychain with the keychain attachment
  • you get a belt clip if you prefer to wear it on your body
  • you'll be able to comfortably discharge the spray with the finger grip dispenser

***Due to state laws in Massachusetts & in New York, we're unable to sell pepper spray

to residents in those states. If you live in either of those states, you must purchase it from

an authorized firearms dealer in your state.***

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