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Personal Alarm with Flashlight Self Defense Items

Brand: Safety Technology
Product Code: PL-6
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Price: $15.00

Personal Alarm with Flashlight Self Defense Items

   Someone could assume that because you're walking

down the street chatting on your phone that you're the

perfectly distracted target to prey upon. That's where they're



   What they don't know is that you always carry one of these personal

alarm with flashlight self defense items with you. It is the perfect

combination of loud, bright, and lightweight. It slips perfectly into

any purse.


  This is a 130 DB alarm that will definitely call needed attention to you while scaring the

unsuspecting predator away. The flashlight can be used without

sounding the alarm and this unit works with 2 AAA batteries. You'll be able to use

this right out the box because the batteries are included with purchase.


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